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4. Expect 10-14 days of downtime.
5. Area rug is delivered on a set day cleaned, dried, and bagged ready for home.
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Can’t remember the last time you had your area rugs cleaned? Think blotting with a sponge or running the vacuum over them every once in a while is sufficient?

It’s time to change your approach. If you want to keep your area rugs looking nice while also extending their lifespan, occasional vacuuming or spot-cleaning isn’t enough. You need professional area rug cleaning, and A to Z Carpet Cleaning is here to help.

Read on to learn more about our area rug cleaning in Toronto.

Area Rug Cleaning Toronto

Professional Area Rug Cleaning in Toronto- Call A to Z Carpet Cleaning

There are lots of reasons to make regular area rugs cleaning in Toronto a priority. The following are some of the top benefits our valued customers see when they work with us:

  • Improved appearance
  • Longer lifespan
  • Fewer pollutants and dust mites
  • Reduced risk of mould growth
  • Reduced respiratory and allergy symptoms 

From improved aesthetics to better health, it’s clear that area rug cleaning can make a big difference in your home or your business.

Signs You Need to Clean Your Area Rugs

What happens when you don’t clean your area rugs regularly? You might start to notice the following issues:

  • Deep stains
  • Discoloration
  • Dirt or dust buildup
  • Matted fibres
  • Warped corners

If you have a lot of dirt, dust, or even mould accumulating in your rug, you may notice the air quality in your home has diminished, too. This can lead to worsened allergy or symptoms, such as coughing, sneezing, or wheezing. 

Our Area Rug Cleaning Process – Serving Toronto & the GTA

At A to Z Carpet Cleaning, we use a revolutionary process to clean your area rugs efficiently and effectively. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect when you partner with us:

Dust Removal

We start by eliminating all the dirt and dust that has built up in your rug’s fibres (trust us, there’s likely more lingering in your rugs than you think).

To do this, we run it through a powerful dusting machine. Our machine beats out grit, dust, dander, and anything else that is embedded in the fibres and wreaking havoc on your home or business’s air quality.

Fibre Testing

Next, we test your rug’s fibres to determine their colour fastness. No one wants to pay to have their area rug professionally cleaned, only to end up with faded colours or blended designs, right?

By checking your rug’s colour fastness first, we can take extra steps to preserve its unique colour and pattern. This includes adding special blockers to prevent colours from running or fading. 

Spot and Stain Removal

The third step is removing spots and stains. We do this by hand using special, high-quality tools to ensure we don’t miss anything and to get your rug as clean as possible.

Our team is detail-oriented and always goes the extra mile to eliminate even the most stubborn spots and stains. We always use eco-friendly cleaning materials, too.

Rug Bath

When we’re confident that all spots and stains have been treated, we’ll move on to the rug bath. 

The rug bath involves soaking your rug in a solution of soap and water. While it soaks, we’ll lightly scour the fibres to further clean it and pull out lingering dirt and grime. 

When the soak is complete, we run your rug through a special wringer located at the back of the machine. This eliminates excess water and speeds up the drying process.

Drying and Fringe Cleaning

Finally, we hang your rug up to dry.

We dry all of our customers’ rugs in a well-ventilated and temperature-controlled room. This ensures efficient drying and prevents issues like mould growth.

As your rug dries, one of our specialists will also hand-clean the fringes. The result is a rug that looks as good as new. 

Factors That Affect the Cleaning Process

As you can see, we have a tried and true cleaning process that we use for all of our customers. However, we also understand that everyone’s needs (and area rugs) are unique.

When we clean an area rug in Toronto, there are several different factors that we take into account before getting to work, including the following:

  • Rug material (Is it made of wool? Jute? Synthetic fibres like rayon or nylon?) 
  • Rug type (Is it an Oriental rug? Hand-knotted?)
  • Rug colour and design (Does it have a unique, highly detailed pattern or vibrant colour that you want to maintain?)

It doesn’t matter if your rug is made of alkaline-sensitive materials (such as wool) or has a special design that you’re desperate to preserve. We will always go the extra mile to make sure it looks great and gets thoroughly cleaned.

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The Advantages of Toronto Area Rug Cleaning Services

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About A to Z Carpet Cleaning

  • In houses that have high levels of humidity, it is sometimes common to find developments of mold in areas of the carpet that are rich in moisture. Carpets can retain moisture deep into its material and mold is an organism that loves and needs these moisture-rich environments to propagate.
  • When your carpet is dirty and in a humid environment it allows mold to develop at a much faster rate compared to carpet that is professionally cleaned by carpet cleaning services like A to Z.

A to Z’s Carpet Cleaning Methods

A to Z Carpet Cleaning services will dispatch the most experienced and professional cleaners to your location in order to assess each individual situation correctly and apply the right cleaning methods for your floor. The carpet or flooring being used, the size of the space, the level of dirt, dust, and other particles, and the time it takes to complete the service will all be factored into the assessment to ensure that the right cleaning method is applied to your specific case.

Steam cleaning is one of the most common methods you will find in the carpet cleaning industry. With this method, hot water is applied onto the carpet with measured pressure to eliminate dirt and get rid of all the pollutants and allergens embedded in the carpet. The heat of the water will also cause the water to evaporate quite quickly during the process which will eliminate any residual moisture in the carpet.

As the name suggests, our technicians will use a special eco-friendly shampoo as the main solution to be applied to the carpet. The foamy chemical will be applied and spread evenly on the surface of the carpet and then will be scrubbed with a soft bristle brush to ensure that the shampoo penetrates deep into the carpet without damaging the carpet itself. Finally, much like a bath or shower, the shampoo and moisture will be vacuumed up along with the dirt and dust that has been dislodged.

There will be no water involved in this carpet cleaning method. In this case, our technicians will spread a special eco-friendly absorbent compound over the affected area. Then they will use an automatic brush to clean the carpet. The residue and dirt will then be vacuumed with a strong vacuum cleaner. Since the technicians do not use water as the solvent, this method can be quickly carried out and won’t require much time to dry the carpet. This method of carpet cleaning is typically used when a carpet is made of natural-fibre materials which can be easily damaged by more traditional methods.

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If so, contact us today at A to Z Carpet Cleaning to learn more about our area rug cleaning services or to get a free quote.

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Google Reviews

This is far the best, honest carpet cleaners for me. They are quick to answer, on time and very professional. Thank you so much H & Z Rug & Carpet Cleaning! I will definitely be using your company services again. Five stars! I would definitely recommend this business to friends and family!!!
Uriah F
Uriah F
23:18 14 Dec 21
Good service and quick response time! I am more than delighted with M And Z Cleaning’s services. Today, they came on time to clean our messy carpet. It was in its dirtiest form because we had a celebration last night. Was really worried not to have my carpet’s good condition back. Gladly, M And Z Cleaning is there to rely on!
Gerald Koch
Gerald Koch
15:28 07 Dec 21
The team at A to Z Carpet cleaning did an incredible job on my area rugs. They were extremely professional. They came and picked up my area rugs, cleaned them and brought it back within the agreed upon timeline. Thank you to the entire team! I look forward to using them again im the future!!!
Armen Kokorian
Armen Kokorian
16:53 28 Apr 21
Thank you for your best service.
Enkhjargal Boloroo
Enkhjargal Boloroo
06:48 24 Nov 20
We had Theo come out to provide our cleaning service for our entire home! He was very experienced, knowledgable, and professional. Would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to freshen up their carpets and upholstery! Great job!
Kassandra Debattista
Kassandra Debattista
13:15 21 Oct 20
Our carpets haven't been done in some time, but with a new puppy this past summer we knew it was time. A to Z Carpet Cleaning came in and explained what would be done, (were COVID safe too) - Very good attention to detail and the equipment seemed fairly new. 2 stains were removed and overall just excellent service. Thanks Ari.
Donald Adams
Donald Adams
05:00 21 Oct 20
Thank you for all your help, AtoZ! Your service was excellent and very FAST. Many thanks for your kind and efficient service.
Kelly R.
Kelly R.
13:32 26 Aug 20
Best carpet cleaning service I have ever hired! Prompt, detailed service by very pleasant, experienced workers that take pride in their work, and pay attention to doing a perfectly detailed job! They have only cleaned my carpets twice after a family party and they already feel like trusted family, we are so happy to have found an excellent service!!
Donald Andersen
Donald Andersen
13:30 26 Aug 20
Great company! Very professional and they know their carpets inside and out. This is the second time I've used them and the service was just as good as the first time. Recommend!
Sam Zur
Sam Zur
21:25 14 Mar 20
I had A to Z Carpet Cleaning over to clean our entire house. Very happy with the service from start to finish. They were very knowledgeable and explained the process start to finish. Our carpets were brighter and softer! Definitely recommend and definitely will be a repeat customer!
Edith Sanders
Edith Sanders
21:21 14 Mar 20
Forget Rambo, the Terminator or my husband, these guys bring the real muscle when it comes to stains! A to Z Carpet Cleaning were amazing! They were professional, efficient, effective and pleasant to deal with. They managed to get a hair colour stain (don’t ask how it got there in the first place) off of my couch that I never thought I'd get rid of. Our couch looks new again!I will definitely use these guys again and would recommend them to anyone that wants a job well done!
Mariana Fonar
Mariana Fonar
20:53 18 Jan 20
Hired these guys to clean a couch. They're like scientists. Fabric whisperers. Very well knowledged in the specific contributions of each of the products they use which is reflected in the amazing final outcome. I will be using them again. Highly recommended.
Arik Kramrish
Arik Kramrish
23:59 27 Dec 19
Ari and his team did a great job and showed up on the long weekend no problem ! They made my couches and carpets look like new again and even steam cleaned my kitchen chairs . I’mvery happy and will be using their services again!
Pupperino Petcare
Pupperino Petcare
15:25 03 Jul 19
Used A to Z for my bedroom carpet cleaning as well as my delicate upholstery and furniture. The results were incredible! I was especially impressed with their professionalism, which was seriously lacking with other carpet cleaning companies I had used before. Highly recommended!
Zaur Agivaev
Zaur Agivaev
02:06 08 May 19
5 star customer service!
Lav M
Lav M
21:43 06 Apr 19
A to Z did an excellent job cleaning my rug and sofa. Looks like new again!! I’ve previously had other companies attempt to do the same with poor results. After today, this is the only company I will use.
Yuri I
Yuri I
23:01 05 Apr 19
I've tried other carpet cleaning companies in Vaughan before, but the professionalism and quality that a to z delivers is unbeatable. Stains on my rug that were not able to come out before were removed. I even had my upholstery that was a little more delicate steam cleaned as well as my mattress. Highly recommended! Two thumbs up. Thanks again guys
Edan Ermeyev
Edan Ermeyev
23:25 31 Mar 19
I've tried other carpet cleaning companies in Vaughan before, but the professionalism and quality that a to z delivers is unbeatable. Stains on my rug that were not able to come out before were removed. I even had my upholstery that was a little more delicate steam cleaned as well as my mattress. Highly recommended! Two thumbs up. Thanks again guys
Edan Ermeyev
Edan Ermeyev
23:25 31 Mar 19
Although we have lots of hardwood, the bedrooms and some of our furniture are all light grey or cream and needed a good cleaning. A to Z Carpet Cleaning did a fabulous job on the rug dirt etc , but most of all the stains taken off our sectional couch was like magic. Really happy with their work and prices were fair. If your getting quotes and live in the Vaughan area call these guys for honest work.
Jeff Schnurr
Jeff Schnurr
01:44 29 Mar 19
Great service and very professional, which is a breath of fresh air compared to other carpet cleaning services I've used before. Only going with A to Z from now on.
22:25 28 Mar 19

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