From time to time, your carpets and upholstery can get to a point where a deep cleaning may be necessary. All that traffic and usage can really take its toll on these surfaces, and the average daily cleaning or vacuuming job isn’t always enough.

On occasion, it’s helpful to have your carpets and upholstery deep cleaned by professionals. All sorts of dirt, debris, and grime can become embedded within the fibres of the material, making it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to get out with regular cleaning. And if left for too long, it could compromise the look and integrity of your carpeting and furniture.

So, what do you need to know about carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning?

Can you walk on the carpet after cleaning?

Yes, after your carpets have been professionally cleaned and dried, you’re free to walk on them almost immediately, though it’s best to give them at least a couple of hours before walking on them.

When can I replace all my furniture?

As with walking over the carpet, it’s best to wait about two to six hours before replacing all furniture in order to protect both the carpet and the furniture being placed over top.

Should I vacuum my carpet before the cleaners arrive?

Yes, vacuuming is helpful and can even help extend the life of your carpets. It will also help to cut down on the tie needed to clean your carpets.

Should I move all the furniture?

Yes, removing all the furniture from the areas are to be cleaned will help move the process along faster and will help the cleaners get access to the entire surface to provide a thorough cleaning job.

How long does it take for carpets or upholstery to dry after being cleaned?

Average drying times are anywhere from 2 to 6 hours, depending on the material being cleaned, the products used to clean it, airflow in the home, and even humidity levels.

Does carpet cleaning make it wear out quicker?

No, when professional cleaners take care of the job, your carpets can last longer. Actually, dirt and debris can be abrasive when trapped in the fibres of the carpet or upholstery and should be eliminated as soon as possible by an expert to minimize any unnecessary wear and tear.

Should a fabric protector be applied after cleaning?

It’s often recommended to have a protective agent applied to the surface of your carpet or upholstery in order to make sure that its original stain resistance is maintained.

Does shampooing a carpet ruin it?

No, not if done carefully and properly. Many homeowners attempt to shampoo their own carpets and end up doing more harm than good. That’s because they often use too much shampoo, which, in turn, requires a lot more water to get out. This can potentially ruin the carpeting.

Instead, professionals will use just the right amount of shampoo to get rid of stains and debris without the need to use as much moisture to remove it. Further, they use the appropriate carpet shampoo and equipment to apply and remove the shampoo to make the material look as good as new.

Does carpet cleaning really work?

Yes! It absolutely does! Even those stubborn stains that you have had a tough time getting out can be removed with the help of professional carpet cleaners.

How do you get rid of traffic marks?

Like most homes and offices, there’s a lot of foot traffic that comes in and out, leaving behind a lot of prints and stains on carpets. This can cause a great deal of wear and tear on the carpeting, in addition to the dirt and stains that are often left behind.

To counter the effects of traffic marks, the carpets will need to be thoroughly vacuumed and deep cleaned by a professional. We can easily rid your carpets of traffic marks with our innovative tools, equipment, and methods of deep carpet cleaning to leave your carpets looking like new.

How do professionals clean couches?

The process used will depend on the exact type of material that your couches are upholstered in. We use specialized formulas that are applied to your upholstery, which use carbonated tactics to work deep within the fibres of the material to break down deeply embedded grime and dirt that has been trapped for years.

Once the solution works its magic, it is quickly and easily taken away using our specialized equipment that safely works on your upholstery to leave it clean and fresh. Our products are safe to use, not only for the material itself but also the environment.

Can you have a microfibre couch professionally cleaned?

Microfibre is a type of synthetic fibre that is very fine. Because of such fine fibres, it’s easier to clean and remove dust, dirt, and pet hair. Microfibre is often made from polyester and polyamides and is highly versatile fabrics that have become quite popular in upholstery over the years.

Microfibre can definitely be professionally cleaned, as long as the specific instructions on its care are followed by the manufacturer. We always take the specific fabric into consideration before we clean sofas and other pieces of furniture to make sure that it is safely cleaned and not compromised in any way. sofas and other pieces of furniture to make sure that it is safely cleaned and not compromised in any way.