Is it Worth it Getting Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned?

This is a common question when it comes to professional carpet cleaning. It can sometimes be hard for someone to justify paying for the professional carpet cleaning (like A to Z Carpet Cleaning) because many people believe that vacuuming is enough or that a rented carpet cleaning machine is good enough. So what’s the difference? The key factor, water lift. Water Lift is how we measure vacuum suction. Generally, your average household vacuum cleaner has about 30” – 50” of water lift and a rented carpet cleaner (the ones that you rent from a big box store) has about 60” – 80” of water lift (assuming the vacuum motors are maintained regularly). In contrast, a professional carpet extractor has anywhere from 130” – 160” of water lift making this the main factor when it comes to properly clean carpets and upholstery. 

By utilizing a professional carpet cleaning service, you are not only getting a deep cleaning of your carpet but also peace of mind that these are professionals that are using the absolute highest standards to clean your carpet. A professional service will apply a level of deep cleaning that you can’t achieve with a vacuum cleaner or a general use carpet cleaner. The professional-grade cleaning equipment that a carpet cleaning service has access to vastly outstrips what you can find in your own home. Furthermore, these high-tech machines are handled by individuals that have been trained specifically for this line of work and are accompanied by top tier eco-friendly, professional-grade cleaning products in order to ensure your carpet is as clean as can be.

Is it Worth to Get Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned?

Finally, although carpet cleaning services in Vaughan and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) might be more expensive than doing it yourself, their equipment and expertise will not only get rid of dirt and dust, but other harmful allergens and microscopic organisms that rented carpet cleaning machines simply can not. Furthermore, a carpet cleaning service doesn’t just end with the initial cleaning. There are also special after-care techniques applied to the carpet to keep the carpet looking cleaner for longer.

In conclusion, while regular vacuuming is essential to the upkeep of your carpets and upholstery, bi-annual professional carpet cleaning is recommended for the absolute deepest clean, while maintaining the longevity of your carpet and upholstery. Call A to Z Carpet Cleaners today to get a professional assessment specific to your situation, professional deep cleaning of your carpet, and a professional after-care and long-term suggestions for your carpet.