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Carpets aren’t the only surfaces that can get stained, dirty and affect your home in a harmful way. Your Mattress can too. Whether your mattress is stained from spills, marred by mites or jammed filled with germs from all sorts of different sources, a thorough cleaning job is required from time to time.

Many times mattresses are dirty without you even realizing it. Upon closer inspection, you may realize that your mattress is home to plenty of germs and bacteria that are both unsanitary and unhealthy. In fact, mattresses account for a large amount of dust and dirt found in your home. And sleeping in your bed will only help to stir up the dirt and dust debris into the air in your home.

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The A to Z Mattress Cleaning & Stain Removal Process

At A to Z Carpet Cleaning, we use natural cleaning solutions to make sure that your Mattress is thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and deodorized, eliminating even the deepest-ingrained grime safely, gently, and effectively while leaving a fresh scent behind.

Our Mattress cleaning process is quick, efficient and effective. We make use of the highest quality cleaning solutions and innovative equipment to ensure a thorough cleaning job. Ourr trained cleaners are highly experienced, so you can rest assured knowing that your mattress is in good hands.

We clean all mattresses by hand using specialized tools that release a natural, eco-friendly cleaning solution in a constant flow to ensure that it is spread evenly. Our method employs steam heated to 375℉ to kill bacteria and mites and sanitizes the mattress. Using gentle motions with our hand tools, we carefully address the areas of concern to lift dirt and grime off the fibres of the mattress to leave behind a thoroughly cleaned surface. We also ensure that the right amount of cleaning solution is used in order to avoid over-wetting the area, which can not only make the surface of the mattress take forever to dry, but it can also ruin it as well. We take great pride in our ability to clean every stain, including mattresses and carpet cleaning in Vaughan. Our process doesn’t overuse cleaning solutions which hurt your mattress and the environment.

Instead, we never over-wet or over-spray Mattresses which helps to keep it safe while speeding up drying time. In fact, our solutions and equipment can dry far faster than what our competitors can do. Drying time is less than 1 hour!

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