Professional vs DIY Carpet Cleaning

Let’s face it: the carpets in your home take a beating. All that foot traffic that they’re exposed to day in and day out can really wear them down. Even if shoes are removed before being trampled on, carpets can quickly and easily become dirty, stained, germ-laden, and even damaged to some degree as a result of physical impact on the fibres.

Considering all this, it’s important that carpets are deep cleaned on occasion. While it’s certainly great that you carpets are vacuumed on a regular basis and even spot cleaned when required, they also need to be deep cleaned every so often in order to lift and remove deeply-ingrained dirt, grime, and germs that are compromising the integrity of your carpets.

The question is, should you deep clean the carpets yourself, or should you hire a professional to do it for you?

Here are just some reasons why leaving the job in the hands of a professional cleaning company is definitely your best bet.

They Understand the Fabric Being Cleaned
Not all fabrics are the same, nor should they be treated the same way when cleaned. Some fabrics may react differently to different cleaning solutions, equipment, and techniques. You can easily ruin your carpet or upholstery if you don’t understand the type of fabric that you’re cleaning.

Instead, professionals understand exactly what they’re cleaning and adjust their solutions and techniques accordingly in order to ensure that the fibres are protected while also ensuring a thorough cleaning job.

They Ensure That Carpets Dry Quickly
It’s not uncommon for DIY carpet cleaners (aka homeowners) to use far too much soap to clean carpets, requiring much more water to rinse out. Not only can this take forever to dry, it can also potentially ruin the carpeting.

Further, many homeowners who attempt to clean their own carpets also falsely assume that their carpets are fully dry before replacing their furniture when they’re not. This can also ruin the furniture as well, or at least cause colour from the furniture to transfer onto the carpets.

Professionals not only use the proper amount of cleaning solution, they also apply just enough so that the carpets are not overly wet. Further, they use quick-dry techniques that ensure that carpets dry as quickly as possible.

They Use Professional Equipment
The equipment that professionals use is high-grade and powerful, making their carpet cleaning much more effective.

They Sanitize Your Carpets
Even if you rent carpet cleaning equipment, it likely won’t be as powerful as that of professionals. The equipment that professionals use is not only better able to clean, it can also effectively sanitize your space. Sanitizing carpets is important because it can help to eliminate any bacteria or germs that may be compromising the health of all residents of your home.

When it comes to cleaning your carpets or upholstery, don’t settle for less. Call A to Z Carpet Cleaning to ensure a job done right!