Is your family breathing contaminated air in your own home?


As careful as you can be with your home and as much effort as you put into taking care of it, your home’s surfaces can become filthy. With family members constantly moving about, your carpeting and furniture can become covered in years of built-up grime that can be quite difficult to remove with simple wiping and vacuuming.

Every so often, your home’s carpeting and upholstery require a deep cleaning that your average cleaning solutions and DIY techniques won’t be able to effectively deal with.

That’s where A to Z Carpet Cleaning services comes into the picture. With our experience, expertise, equipment, and powerful yet eco-friendly cleaning solutions, we can bring back the original lustre of your carpets and upholstery in no time. For professional services with the right solution, we cater to Vaughan, Thornhill, Richmond Hill as well as other areas of Toronto.

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Our Residential Carpet Cleaning Process:

To thoroughly clean your carpets and bring back their original gleam, this is the process we follow:

  1. Carpet is pre-sprayed prior to hot water extraction to loosen dirt, soil, and stains and leave a fresh scent;
  2. Carpet extraction is used with hot water using state-of-the-art equipment to heat the water to 220°F. This will ensure a deep clean on your carpets and upholstery;
  3. Our 2-stage vacuums instantly lift up the hot water, cutting drying time in half vs. other equipment;
  4. Using a special hand tool, we then clean the carpet that runs along the baseboard and in hard-to-reach areas;
  5. Carpet is manually groomed to ensure the fibres are standing up, which helps to speed up the drying time;
  6. Entire carpet can be sprayed with a carpet protector to help prevent future stains.

A day or two prior to your appointment, we will call you to confirm all of your details, including your address and your order. If you have any questions before then, please feel free to call or contact us.

Before We Arrive:

  • Pre-vacuum – Please be sure to thoroughly vacuum your carpets before we arrive to maximize the effectiveness of out deep cleaning.
  • Preparing your space – Please remove all plants, lamps, and delicate items before we arrive and ensure that the areas that need to be cleaned are free of items on the floor.
  • Furniture – We can move the majority of furniture, but we can’t move entertainment units, electronics, china hutches, beds not on rollers, or any oversized or delicate furniture. We will try our best to clean around or underneath items that can’t be moved.
  • Pets – We love your furry friends as much as you do, but unfortunately they may not be safe while we’re cleaning your carpets. For starters, the door will remain partially open throughout our stay, and we’d hate to let your pet escape Further, our equipment may be attractive as a play toy for your pet, but they may be dangerous. To keep your pets safe, please have them safely contained the duration of our time in your home.

On the Day of Cleaning:

  • Time – If you have a morning appointment, we will call you the previous business day with our approximate time of arrival. If you have an afternoon appointment, we will call you between 10 am and 11 am the day of your cleaning with our approximate arrival time.
  • Parking – We require legal parking on a paved surface within 50 feet of where we are to enter your home.
  • Payment – We take cash and credit card payments.

Thank you for trusting your home to A to Z Carpet Cleaning! We look forward to serving you!

Our Carpet Cleaning Service Areas

Vaughan | Thornhill | Richmond Hill | Woodbridge | North York | Markham | Toronto & GTA

Thank you for trusting your home to A to Z Carpet Cleaning! We look forward to serving you!

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